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Stuart M. Shieber

James O. Welch, Jr. and Virginia B. Welch Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University

Scott D. Kominers

Associate Professor,
Entrepreneurial Management Unit, Harvard Business School


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Mirac Suzgun is a junior at Harvard College, pursuing a joint concentration in Mathematics and Computer Science (with a secondary in Philosophy).


Mirac Suzgun '20

I am Abhishek Anand, a junior at Harvard College, from New Delhi, India. I am pursuing a joint concentration in Physics and Computer Science.


Abhishek Anand '20

Hi! I am Jambay. I am from Bhutan and I am currently a junior at Harvard studying computer science with a track in Mind, Brain and Behavior. I am interested in the intersection of brain science and computer science. I intend to learn more about the amazing brain to help develop artifical systems.

Systems and Design

Jambay Kinley '20