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Our Mission

We are a community of undergraduates at Harvard aiming to promote and foster interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We host technical workshops on advanced topics in machine learning, work on challenging real-world problems, discuss the current state of the field, and - most importantly - attempt to create a friendly and collaborative environment both for aspiring machine learning researchers and also for people who have just taken their first step into the fascinating and mysterious world of artificial intelligence. We seek to equip everyone with knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence and prepare them to face the new wave of the future.

Our Values


The Machine Intelligence Community is inclusive and diverse. We welcome everyone and encourage minorities to join us.

Education First

We aim to provide surface area for intellectual engagement. Our primary focus is teaching members and the community at-large about machine intelligence.


We hope to cultivate and connect communities and like-minded students to accelerate progress in machine intelligence.

Putting Knowledge into Practice

We are dedicated to putting what we learn into practice - introducing cutting edge methods to our peers, implementing them in code and using machine learning tools to solve real world problems.

Our Roots

The idea behind the Machine Intelligence Community originated from the MIT Machine Learning Reading Group. The reading group started with students looking for an environment to learn about research advances in machine learning. The Machine Intelligence Community currently has branches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University, and Tufts University.

The mission of the Machine Intelligence Community is to foster open discussion of a wide range of machine learning topics. We wish to create a network of college campuses where discussion can occur in a friendly, interactive environment. In doing so, we hope to lower some of the barriers of entry to starting in the field and provide students a chance to gain a broader understanding of machine learning.

Our Partners

We are a part of a network of MICs at many other institions.



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